Jantar evening dresses uk Mantar in New Delhi, built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1710, shows bridal dresses the scientific acumen of ancient India. This great masterpiece of Indian architecture, situated at Parliament Street near Connaught Place, is a popular tourist attraction in the national capital. wedding ring for women Besides, it has always attracted architects, historians and scientists from all over the world.
Jantar Mantar, also called Delhi Observatory, is maintained by the Rajasthan Government because it was set up by the Jaipur Maharaja. Jantar Mantar got the status of a national monument in 1948. Jantar Mantar is a remarkable structure. It consists of fourteen geometric devices used for measuring time, forecasting weather changes, predicting behaviour of planets and finding extra-terrestrial altitude. The whole structure is made of stone and marble with each of them having an engraved astronomical scale.
Samrat Yantra (supreme instrument) is 70 feet high, 114 ft long at base and 10 feet thick. It is the largest device in the Jantar Mantar. It has a 128 feet long hypotenuse which points towards the North Pole. The shadow of the device is plotted in such a way so that it shows exact time of the day. Hindu Chhatri, a small domed structure, helps in predicting weather change or the onset of monsoons.
The Jaiprakash Yantra shows the sun's position at the time of equinox. There is a hole near the bottom of the structure which witnesses sunshine only once in a year that is on March 21, which is called vernal equinox. Ram Yantra consists of two large circular buildings with open top. It is used to measure the altitude of stars which is equivalent to brisbane formal dresses the latitude and the longitude on the earth.
There is a structure or instrument called Mishra Yantra to the north-west of the Jaiprakash Yantra. It consists of five instruments. Pillars on engagement party dresses the southwest of Mishra dresses online Yantra are used to measure the shortest day (21 December) and the longest day (21 June) of the year. Mishra Yantra also indicates when it was noon in various cities of the world. ball dress Maharaja Jai Singh, himself an astronomer, studied various works in Hindu, Muslim and European astronomy. The Maharaja concluded that predictions of solar and lunar eclipses could not be possible using only tables as done by the then astronomers. He thus favoured the study of actual planetary changes so that exact predictions could be made. His efforts and farsightedness gave shape to such an instrument.
Besides Delhi, he also built observatories at Jaipur, Ujjain, Banaras and Mathura. It took him almost seven years before the whole structure was fully operational. The Maharaja's foresightedness can be seen from the fact that he had built the Jantar Mantar more than 300 years ago.

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